Bihar Political News: Upendra Kushwaha said bye bye to Nitish Kumar..

Bihar Politics: The upheaval continues in the politics of Bihar. Janata Dal-United (JD-U) leader Upendra Kushwaha has announced his new political party on Monday.

Kushwaha, who was the National Parliamentary Board President of JD(U), announced the new party 'Rashtriya Lok Janata Dal' after a rift with Bihar CM Nitish Kumar for several days.

Announcing the party, Upendra Kushwaha taunted CM Nitish Kumar. He said that Sushasan Babu is looking for a successor in the neighboring (RJD) house.

Open letter of JDU workers

According to the information, Upendra Kushwaha has announced to announce a new party (Bihar Politics) in Patna today i.e. on Monday. Kushwaha had organized a two-day open session (February 19 and 20) of JDU workers in the city, in which he sought suggestions from party workers to take forward the future strategy.

All the workers had the same opinion

One of the participants of the meeting told ANI that JDU workers had expressed their desire to form a new political organization on the first day of the session. He said that Kushwaha would form a new political party and its announcement was to be made today. Another worker had said that everyone is unanimous about the formation of a new political party.

The worker told JDU the B-team of RJD

Describing Chief Minister Nitish Kumar as RJD's B team, another JDU worker said that there is no point in working with him. JDU has lost its identity under the leadership of Nitish Kumar, so we need to form a new party for the welfare of the state. Kushwaha has accepted our demand.

Kushwaha's close friend made these allegations against Lalan Singh

Madhav Anand, a close aide of Kushwaha and a member of the National Executive Council, alleged that JDU national president Lalan Singh was deliberately working to bring down not only the dignity of the party, but also the chief minister of Bihar.

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